Kevin Gates Had Interesting Words For #BlackLivesMatter

Do you agree with him?


I’ll be the first to tell you I am no fan of Kevin Gates’ music, but I am a fan of him speaking the truth.  The racial tension in this country is a product of the media and high profile obviously racist people who use their “power” to throw fuel on the fire…I’m talking to you Sharpton & Jackson.  To see a man that is pretty famous get up and tell it like it really is, makes me have hope that maybe the youth and already brainwashed people in the USA might just listen & think about it.

There is a small percentage of people of either race who are truly racist, but they are the ones who get all of the exposure and make it so much more blown up than it needs to be.  There will always be people who are stupid enough to hate people simply for the pigment of their skin.  Hate to tell you, but when you are being made there isn’t a multiple choice checkbox to choose what you are going to be.  Hate is taught, not bred, and the more we can educate our brothers and sisters…the sooner we can move towards a peaceful existence.  If you do choose to hate someone, do it because they are an idiot, not because they look different.

Now check out the video, and see if you agree.